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Packrafting is easy to learn and a lot of fun! A superlight, inflatable raft that also handles rough rivers. They're also big and stable enough to bring along a big packpack on deck, and go camping.  They can be used for fishing trips, week-long trips or just playing in the river. You can paddle everything from small creeks, where a river kayak would get stuck, to big rivers and really test your limits.

Fjellboms offers a variety of courses and tours, on lakes and rivers in the Oslo area. We also offers guided tours all over Norway on request.

Important information!

Everyone can paddle a packraft, however; some rivers are more challenging, and due to safety reasons we have an age-limit of 18 years on some of our activities.

In addition to our general terms, the following complies:

- the participants is obligated to follow all safety directions from our guides. If you don't you will be banned from the tour without any refund.

- should the packrafts or any other equipment be damaged due to witless use, the participant will be held financially responsible, and no refunds will be given due to aborted tour.

- the participants must be aware that packrafting is a risk sport, and that they might be injured. We recommend that all participants make sure their insurance cover this.

Upper Akerselva river

From Maridalsvannet to Nydalen.

The river Akerselva runs in the middle of Oslo, dividing the city in a eastern and western part. It begins in the forest area surrounding the capitol, by the outlet of lake Maridalsvannet. 

The first part is calm, surrounded by vegetation, giving us the impression of being in the wilderness. That gives us the possibility to get to know the packraft and learn some techniqes. We need to carry the lightweight packraft every now and then to pass some river rapids. The river picks up speed and gets rougher and rougher as we follow it down to the urban Nydalen area. We end our tour with another calm part of the river, before we say goodbye to each other.

Time: 3-4 hours

Price: kr 1590,- per person

Booking: on request (

All of Akerselva

We also guide the entire Akerselva river, from beginning to end, from lake Maridalsvannet to the Oslofjord.

Time: approx. 7-8 hours

Price: kr 2850,- per person (minimum 3)

Packraft in Marka

Fjellboms offers tailormade packraft trips, both day-trips and over-night-trips.

There's many beautiful lakes in the forest areas surrounding Oslo, and we can arrange for 1  to 4 days trips, depending on how far into the wilderness you want to go.

We also arrange for tents, sleeping bags, etc., and of course we will make some traditional Norwegian food.

Please contact us for an offer and tell us your dream!

Time: from 5 hours to 4 days or more

Price: ask for an offer

Booking: on request (

Lower Akerselva river

From Mathallen to Sørenga.


This is the most urban part of the Akerselva river. Akerselva runs from a lake in the forest area surrounding Oslo, and ends up in the Oslofjord by the opera house in the city center. We're paddeling past bars, offices, salmon fishers and people sunbathing, but at the same time enjoying the clean river and the nice trees. This part of the river is easy to paddle and have no rapids. That means you will stay safe, and quite dry, in your packraft, compared to the upper part of the river. We'll paddle under several of the historic brigdes in Oslo, and when we reach Grønland we will paddle a long tunnel under the main train station, visiting an underground part of the city few others have seen. We'll see daylight again as the tunnel ends near the opera house and the Munch museum. That is also where the riveroutlet is. We paddle on to Sørenga, where you can continue your adventure with a swim in the sea or visit one of the popular restaurants.

Time: approx.2 hours

Price: ask for an offer

Booking: on request (

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